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Bridging the gap between smart companies and investors

Bringing opportunities to entrepreneurs and expanding their operations worldwide, using new German technologies

BRICS countries have a huge untapped potential that still can be optimized using state of art technologies. And we can help your team in this mission...


To own your chain - End to End

We have the expertise to manage all the touchpoints of a supply chain, connecting warehouses, railways and ports, giving you the right information to take decisions to be in control

For quality assurance

We are here to check everything in person and make sure that the production meets the highest standards, Socially and Environmentally.

Besides that, our partners in Europe will assure you the best logistics to reach Latin American companies

To cut costs and

protect your margins

We are ready to show you the latest innovations from Germany in the fields of energy, ports, airports, railways, SCM, water treatment and other infrastructure markets, with the necessary quality control.

To discover new opportunities

If you don't know yet what to import or where to export, we can find traders and connect you to the most qualified suppliers



Find the best partners


Find an efficient way to move from A to B


Easily navigate through legal systems, customs and be smart on the taxes


Production and Infrastructure

As a member of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Hamburg Renewable Energy CLuster, Brid Logistics GmbH is focused on the identification of Brazilian industrial groups that may have synergies with German industry in transportation, energy and other infrastructure sectors, for setting of partnerships, maintenance and technology transfer contracts between German and Brazilian companies;

We are also ready to help your company in the identification of energy, logistics and other groups with potential to set technical cooperation agreements with German companies, in order to improve productive efficiency in Brazil and Latin America.

Assistance for investors intending to take part in public bids and operation of public services through concessions, permissions or authorizations. 

We are ready to put your company in touch with port and airport operators, Free Trade Zones and Export Processing Zones, in order to make your project more profitable.


Green hydrogen new applications

Green hydrogen is used in industrial ovens and metallurgical plants, in steelworks, in the metal-mechanic, petrochemical and chemical industries, for heating, energy supply and also in land transport (trains, trucks, buses and passenger vehicles), water transport (ships, barges and boats) and air transport (aircrafts in general).


In partnership with Hidrogenio Verde Ltda, Brid Logistics GmbH professionals work in the structuring of production operations for hydrogen, oxygen, ammonia and other by-products, helping your company to identify the best partners in Brazil, India and Europe. We also provide financial advice, assisting our clients on funding strategies, with lower interest rates and better payment terms. Finally, we also work on the feasibility study and logistical planning of your enterprise, either looking for more markets and strategic partnerships, or studying technical solutions for the flow of hydrogen and by-products from production areas (for example, Latin America) to consumer markets (Japan, Korea and European Union).

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International Operations

Founded by a Doctor in Transportation Planning with extensive experience in the port and rail sectors, a manager with Master in SCM,  and a senior electrical engineer with more than 40 years of experience in automation and maintenance of electrical systems, Brid Logistics is ready to open up new opportunities for your company in industrial projects throughout Brazil and Latin America.​

Legal advisement for entrepreneurs regarding infrastructure projects for steel, mining, shipyard, logistic and energy companies, implementation of projects, as per land acquisition, environmental licensing, regulatory issues, drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts and tax benefits.


Setting up market researches in order to start operations in Europe; 

Preparing and harmonizing all transactional documents;

Business structuring, including the incorporation of companies, joint ventures, consortia, foundations and other forms of association and partnerships;

We represent foreign companies in Brazil, opening new markets and setting partnerships for distribution of German electrical equipments, appliances and solutions on electrical systems. 



Mauricio Araquam

Managing Director - Brid Logistics GmbH. Doctor of Science (Brasilia University, Technology Institute, PPGT, 2017). Advised the Brazilian government on several logistics and infrastructure projects, including new port and railway systems. Provides consulting on renewable energy projects (hydrogen, photovoltaic and wind energy), supporting the activities of German investors in Europe, Latin America and Asia.


Saeed Jaberi

Partner and Legal Advisor of Brid Logistics GmbH. Provides comprehensive legal solutions on German and international law. 


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